Infertility – the uninvited monster!

So, let's get real. You and your partner have discussed starting a family and decided that you’re ready to settle down! You want to get pregnant and that's all you can think about. You've adapted your lifestyle (partying less, eating healthily, and exercising a bit more). You've been trying for a few months but nothing is happening. All your friends are becoming pregnant and you feel a bit jealous (to be honest). It's beginning to impact your relationships, work, and social life; it's all you can think about and it’s consuming you.

As a result, you feel angry, sad, isolated, anxious, hopeless, and, quite frankly, a mental mess – happy one minute and crying the next.

Your life was perfect until infertility showed up uninvited.

You’re asking your doctor what's wrong and aren't getting any answers. You’ re just told to keep trying. So instead, you blame yourself for a million things you did when you were younger – because the problem sits with you, right?

Infertility, the inability to conceive or sustain a successful pregnancy, affects more couples than you think. One in six couples is struggling to conceive. Of those, fifteen to thirty percent of couples are diagnosed with unexplained infertility, meaning that doctors cannot find a cause or reason for their infertility. Moreover, male infertility is also on the rise and responsible for thirty-five to fifty percent of infertility cases.

Sadly, fewer couples can afford assisted reproductive technologies like IVF with the increases in living costs. Even if couples can afford the treatment, it comes with certain risks and is seldom successful the first time, so it's a substantial financial investment.

Did you know that couples who struggle with infertility have stress levels comparable to those of cancer patients? The stress, anxiety, and grief surrounding unexplained infertility and pregnancy loss can wreak havoc on your life and fertility health, making an already tricky situation unbearable!

Between the endless struggles of failed fertility treatments, unanswered questions, and hopelessness, there are those who feel they have exhausted every possible option. I've learnt from my fertility journey that there’s a great need for a robust support system and it’s perhaps time for a fresh perspective and to rope in the help of an expert - a fertility coach.

Everyone experiences infertility differently; some can't get pregnant, others can't stay pregnant. Navigating this path to parenthood is not an easy-to-follow, straight line for all!

Fertility coaches will spend significantly more time with their patients than most health care providers, as they work with you to identify possible root causes for your particular case of infertility and how to make sense of it all. However, it's not a one-size-fits-all approach and each case is different, either mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Your fertility coach will work with you to craft a tailored strategy that’s likely to counter your unique case of infertility. Once you have a plan for how to tackle this infertility monster, you will feel better, more empowered, and more optimistic. According to a recent Harvard study, you are fifty-five percent more likely to conceive if you work on your mental health and mindset when trying to conceive. Thankfully, we're there to help you shift your perspective and to encourage and empower you with our knowledge and expertise.

The data speaks for itself: various factors significantly impact your overall reproductive health, ranging from your genetics to the chronic medications you take to blood groups and other assorted lifestyle factors.

Fertility coaches help couples regain their hope and confidence by guiding them through one of the most challenging times in their lives. Fertility coaches are there to support you through each step of journey.

The stress, anxiety, and grief that surround pregnancy, miscarriage loss, and new parenthood isn't something you shouldn’t go through alone.

Even if you have an excellent medical team, they don't always have the time to emotionally support you and your mental state might suffer as a result.

In my fertility journey, I've learnt that the struggle to parenthood isn't something you should navigate alone. If you are trying to conceive, whether male or female, you could benefit from the support of a coach – especially if there have already been challenges.

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