In this library, you will find a collection of absolutely vital tools!

The FertilitySOS book contains a lot of essential information that will help you overcome unexplained infertility recurrent miscarriage and help you to become pregnant naturally up into your late 40s.

Although it is written in a short, easy to understand and informal style, the reader can feel overwhelmed simply by the complexity of unexplained infertility. Therefore we made it even easier for you!

In the book, one can turn straight to the appropriate section depending on the infertility challenge being faced.

One can then use the following documents, ensure you note any point you think might have relevance to your particular case of infertility. That way, you can have an informed discussion with your doctor about the possible root causes of your infertility.

The tracking chart is complete with a period flow, body temperature, cervical mucus, vaginal PH, blood pressure, and PCOS tracking chart. This chart will help you understand your unique patterns, determine more accurately when you ovulate, understand and manage your mood, and have a better awareness of your overall health. It will give your doctor valuable information about your infertility and will help to pinpoint your particular root cause!

Conditions to discuss with a doctor. This list will help to uncover medical conditions you are not necessarily aware of or your doctor never thought of as a possible hindrance in your fertility journey.

Counter PCOS food shopping list - studies have shown that one can effectively manage the condition with the correct diet.

Female supplements approval form- tailored to your specific condition, this list will enable you to have a more informed discussion about your particular infertility cause with your healthcare provider.

A Healthcare provider checklist is imperative to build a team of professionals who can help you and your partner overcome infertility.

Herbal supplements approval form, herbal supplements have been used very effectively for thousands of years. This list will help you discuss possible side effects and drug interactions with your healthcare provider.

Male supplements approval list - Male fertility is rising, and men need to take supplements to rule out specific deficiencies causing infertility.